Surveys are the medium through which customers can directly assess a company’s service. It is through their feedback that companies get to know about what they are doing right and which area of service requires more attention.

Publix welcomes customer feedback. In order to make the process of reaching out smoother for the customer, they have launched their customer satisfaction survey. Valuing the response and input given by the customer, they take their feedback into consideration and contemplate how the shopping experience can be made better for them. This helps the company to improve the quality of its service and become more consumer-friendly.

About Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey

The survey has been designed to know about customer experience in various stores across the United States. Owing to the employee-owned nature of commerce, it remains integral for the company to know about the quality of service being received by the customer. The survey seeks information specific to the Publix where you received the invitation for the survey.

Publix strives to increase community involvement and through this survey, the company can know about how pleasurable the shopping experience is in your area and will work upon how it can be made better. The ultimate goal of this survey program is to enhance consumer happiness.

The survey has an added advantage for the consumer. Upon taking the survey, the consumer gains entry into sweepstakes with a chance to win a $1000 gift card. This serves as an attraction for the customer as well as an additional reason for them to participate in this survey program.

Things And Details Required

The survey has certain terms and conditions which must be followed.

  • The participant must not have an employee affiliation.
  • The person must be a legal resident of one of these US states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia.
  • In order to be eligible for the sweepstakes the person ought to have attained 18 years of age.
  • Purchasing a product is not necessary in order to take the survey. In case a purchase has been made, the survey would be available online and can be accessed using the code mentioned on the receipt. If a purchase has not been made, a person may enter through the mail.
  • The survey is available in only English and Spanish.

How To Participate In The Survey

The survey has been designed to maximize customer satisfaction and hence taking the survey is just as convenient. The survey is available on an online portal and may be available through mail as well, it depends upon what is more feasible to the customer. The survey will take a maximum of 10 minutes to fill in. The steps for the same are listed below.

Accessing the Online Portal:

  • Purchase a product from any Publix store
  • Once you purchase a product, you would be given a receipt. Make sure to save it. 
  • Each receipt has a number printed which will grant you access to the online survey.  
  • Go to 
  • Answer all the questions.
  • You will automatically enter the sweepstake.

Participating through Mail:

  • You do not need to purchase a product to be able to take the survey through the mail
  • Pen down the following details on a piece of paper – name, email, address, number and date of birth 
  • Mail it to- Publix Customer Voice Survey Sweepstakes Spring 2018 Entry,
    Attn: Marketing/Research, 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811

This is a simple procedure to be followed in order to gain access to the survey.  The survey is quite comprehensive and easy to follow. It comprises of simple, straight forward and basic questions with regard to customer service and gives a consumer the opportunity to make their voice heard. By participating, a customer automatically enters the sweepstake with a chance of winning $1000 gift cards. 

How To Receive Rewards

Upon submitting the survey, you automatically enter the sweepstake and stand a chance to win $1000 gift cards. The only criteria to be noted is that the taker must be 18 years old or more.In case you win you shall be contacted by the company and must respond within 3 business days.

The winner’s name shall be posted on the main website as well. The taker stands a good chance to gain gifts cards and be a recipient of this amazing offer. Investing hardly 10 minutes of your time could bring in a great deal and save you lots of money you would otherwise have to spend.

About The Company 

Publix Supermarkets Incorporation is an American supermarket chain. It was started by George W. Jenkins in 1930 with an aim to redefine supermarkets by introducing innovations like air-conditioning, glass shelves, fluorescent lighting, and frozen food cases.

Based in Florida, today it stands as a $35 billion business enterprise and has over 1200 stores across different American states. Its central feature is that it is an employee-owned company. It believes it is the place “where shopping is a pleasure,” and has grown immensely by making consumer satisfaction its priority. It is one of the biggest retail chains in the world.

Contact Details

You may reach out to your nearest local Publix store. You may lookup for the one nearest to you on google maps.

Participating in the survey is the quickest and most rewarding way to reach out. The company responds to the inputs and incorporates the necessary changes.

In case you require immediate assistance, you may adopt any of the following methods. 

You may also avail their help by contacting them on their customer support helpline: +1800-242-1227.

Going through the online page is another way of approaching them.


Surveys are widely being used as a tool to collect valuable customer inputs. Customer feedback and experience become the base for figuring out the steps for making the company better. It is also the responsibility of the consumer to speak up about their experience and review the quality of service. This is essential for the company to grow and for the consumer to get the most out of the amount they are investing in the company. The rewards being offered with the surveys are an added advantage and a chance for the consumers to be rewarded for sharing their valuable input.


      • Monarch Lakes Store is one of the best that you have it’s the one on 14375 Mirimar Pkwy. I have visited all of them. Employee needs to be more friendly.that is the only thing missing. in that store.

  • Great services, friendly people, always ready to help. close to home than all the other grocery stores but i still have a ways to walk could use the $1000. myself.

  • Estaría muy Contento en Ganar $ 1000.00 para gastarlo en mi cercana Tienda.Ya que los mejores Productos los encuentro alli ,muy frescos y superior calidad.Y la atención Excelente

  • Still around since Publix has been here, l have worked ,lived,shopped in Bellevue since before Publix came to join our neigjborhood .So glad when you came.Still enjoy shopping in Publix.How l would really enjoy my favorites with that 1,ooo.oo!!!

  • I love to shop at Publix. they have so many good prices and good deli, bakery products, and all their products are good and fair priced. I buy deli meats there all the time. I love to make sandwiches and Publix has whatever you need to make sandwiches. they also have all the canned and fresh produce I need for my kitchen. I find specials even for my two dogs. They love Publix too. Shop Publix for all you needs, even have meds and your cosmetics, as well as your laundry and cleaning needs. Shop at Publix for all your needs.

  • Love shopping at Publix because of the friendly staff and Bogo’s. Gift cards would truly help in all departments.

  • We shop at Publix all the time. It would be wonderful to win a 1,000.00 dollars from Publix and then shop with it at our store. Robert Massey

  • Publix is the cleanest, people friendly store I’ve ever visited . Both manager Ray Parish and the staff at the store I visit in Hernando, FL. are some the friendliest and helpful people you would want to encounter .

    I do all my grocery and sometimes other needs there on a regular basis ! Keep up the good work !!!

    • I don’t know just what you would like me to say, I go to the store 3 or 4 times a week, whats not to like. this is suppose to be a survey where you ask questions !!!

  • I grew up in a town with Price Chopper. A local grocery store, multiple chains in many NE cities, and like Publix, very committed to local causes & it’s communities. It’s employees were much more diverse w/ people of color & minorities. But, Publix does a much better job for rewarding those who work for years. It was unusual to see a person of color in management at Price Chopper, however, I don’t know what it’s like at Publix headquarters. Last, Publix is true to its motto-it is an absolute pleasure. I go to Publix to de-stress, esp. when there are few shoppers, motion lights come on, & relaxing music is quietly playing in the background. P. Chopper could NEVER create this atmosphere. Once, when home for the holidays, I alerted an employee to an item too far back on the shelf to reach. He said, no problem, just wait a sec. He promptly returned with a mop and said, while he was handing it to me, “This should work just fine,” before he walked away. Need I say anything more?

  • Yes I worked in a Publix in Palm Beach Gardens Florida in 1975 and it was an excellent place to work very clean a like Publix I still shop at Publix today in Palm City Florida where I live now and it’s very nice very nice people and it is a pleasure as funny as that sounds so I probably deserve to win as much as we shopped there every day or other day and I’m fixing to enter the when a thousand dollars survey so y’all have a happy day and remember you can make it a great day! your choice!

  • Have been shopping at our Publix (Crossroads store in Naples FL) since it opened. Good store, good prices, good service .

  • Loved shopping my grocery at Publix. They have everything my family wants to eat. $1.000 dollars would buy me a lot a grocery. Thank you!

  • Publix is a great store, not only do they have great prices but their employees are the best. If you ask them where something is they, stop what they are doing & bring you over to where the item is. Now , that’s Great Customer Service. We didn’t get that in NY !!!

  • We’ve been shopping at Publix for 15 years and thoroughly enjoy the experience, quality of service and food products.

  • The quality of service has been a problem at the Pavillion Crossing Publix. I had to speak to the store manager twice about a cashier in the customer service area. Then, a special order I placed in November was never filled. The dairy clerk Milt and the store manager came to my rescue and went above and beyond their jobs to correct the problem and make it right. I realize some things are out of the norm and the individual’s control especially in this ever-changing environment but Publix has always been noted for “where shopping is a pleasure” and it’s falling very short of this slogan and Walmart is giving them a competative edge.

  • I have shopped Publix since in came into our area – Venice, Florida, in the 60’s and have been a loyal customer. We have a new Publix, 3 minutes north of me, that just opened in the West Villages – #1683. Lovely store but the deli is not a pleasure. You have to fill out an order for with the desired Number for thickness; give your order to the ONLY person behind the counter: come back in 15 minutes and pick up your order from a bucket. For years I have watched my deli person slice and ask me if that’s okay, give me a taste and ask if there was anything else I needed – friendly and helpful. Not at this new place and until you go back to the Old Format, I will go back to my former Publix in North Port and shop there. I live in an over 55 community and I’m not the only one who feels this way –if you get my drift. Thank you.

  • i started working for publix after they came to largo florida about 1945.i was working at watfords market,and publix bought them out so i became a member of the publix family.i started as a bag boy,and and wound up in the produce department.we all love publix,have shopped at publix for the past 70 years

  • I have been a South Florida Publix customer since 1968 and will continue for the rest of my life! You can’t beat the quality!

  • I have been a loyal Publix customer for many years. More than anything I love the Customer service at every Publix I have been in. It is always outstanding and consistent which tells me it is a high company priority. Congrats to Publix

  • I am retired but still working almost full time and very fortunate to be able to afford my groceries. But there are many people my age that struggle to put food on their tables and feed their families. I would love to be able to give part of $1,000 to multiple deserving families. I always see Publix allowing many local schools and various charities to collect for much needed funds to allow our community children afford to go to many competions which can only come about through donations. Way to go Publix!!

  • Publix is a real SUPER STORE. We would rate Publix as A+ for what it offers the public. Its personnel is TOPS, as are all other aspects of its operations. You want quality when you go shopping, and that is exactly what you get when you shop at Publix.

  • Publix has a higher standard than any other grocery store I have found. They have a marvelous, helpful staff, a clean store, fresh foods, and a great variety of specialty foods – gluten free, organic, and exotic. I am absolutely loyal to this company and shop there almost exclusively. Thanks for asking!

  • I like shopping at Publix and would like to win the $1000. But honestly, I don’t need an extra $1000 to survive. If I won the contest, it would be nice to have 10, $100 Publix gift cards so that I can help 10 people that really need the help. Publix helping me and I help 10 other people. This could be the start of a kindness revolution.

  • I love Publix. Great service, friendly people & the store is always well organized. it would be great to win $1000 for shopping

  • I love Publix. Everything is so fresh and nicely displayed. One of the best features is that the staff knows where everything is and can direct you to it without fail. They are so helpful at all times. The prices are also reasonable with the buy one get one. I seldom if ever go to Publix and can I shop also at other stores on occasion but they are a poor substitute. I actually have 3 Publix stores easily in my area so no matter which way I go, I can find one close at hand. The other thing is the quality of the deli. WOW! My only complaint there is the long lines at times, but the staff gets through them with no time wasted. Thanks Publix for being such a great resource.

  • we have been shopping at Publix ever since we moved to Florida in 1970. It is the place to get groceries, where shopping is a pleasure is a true statement.

  • My initial comment: Quality is number 1 and PUBLIX is way ahead of all other Super Markets I have shopped over the last 50 years. I am 95 years old and live alone since my wife passed on 15 years ago. I do not cook much other then Breakfast but the selections at your Deli Counter plus all the other items that are stocked at Publix to fulfill my needs are plenty enough for are I require. I used to do business with several Super Market chains in Detroit when I was in business there and none as well as the Grocery Stores here in Central Florida come anywhere near Publix when it comes to Quality Products including your own bakery and other Publix Private label food items that are absolutely the best. When it comes to my health and eating pleasures PUBLIX has no competition. Your services and all your employees and managers are deserving many thanks for doing an outstanding job helping & catering to your customers. In my words you really do not have any competition. Keep it up and you will continue to grow despite what Amazon does with their ownership of Whole Foods, they can’t put a dent in your way the way you run your business.



  • Its always a pleasure visit to publix. The staff is always inviting and greets you with a smile. Management work as hard as associates. Always eager to assist . We always enjoy the love we receive. The atmosphere at publix is not experience in at lot of other food chains. The training each associates receives pays off by their consistencies and in their professionalism. To the corporate leaders, keep moving forward in making publix a place where service is truly a pleasure. Thank You!

  • My husband and I love shopping at Publix and having fun with the staff, they all know are with the staff they all know our names. Would be great to win FOOD$! 2020 has not been kind. Live near 4 locations and they are all friendly.

  • I miss the Publix commercials where they played well known tunes. I have one of those Cd’s. I’ve been shopping at Publix since 1968 and still think it is much better than all the rest. I can always come up with a new dish to cook for dinner for my family in so many ways.

  • I hope I win!
    You are right – it is a pleasure to shop at Publix and if I win my pleasure in shopping at Publix would be increased by a thousand times more!

  • Publix is always a great place to shop. The lighting in the store makes it easy to view all items. The produce is very good. The employees are helpful and gracious.

  • The total shopping experience is a pleasure at this store because it is bright, laid out well, has many items to choose… but mostly because employees are well dressed and offer a GENUINE smiling request to help, even seeing the humor (as I lean against my cart) when I say “no, but Thanks for asking, I am just stopping to take a rest!”

  • Publix is a unique store that has organic and one of kind items that I use. These items are hard to find anywhere. I love the special way that the employees treat their customers during their shopping experience. I especially love the recipes ideas to try. It is my favorite market.

  • The shopping experience is very good, as are the weekly specials. The stores are always clean, checkout is very efficient and employees very helpful. Very glad to be shopping at our brand new store in Sarasota, fl.

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