When it comes to building a nation you need tools and building products and the services which are capable of taking the work ahead. Home Depot is one of those retail chains in the United States which will provide you with both. Over the years they have built themselves an absolute empire with a steadily expanding area of business.

They have a very customer friendly approach which helps them to be a favorite among the public as well. However, this does not imply that they have no competition. In fact, there are always a number of companies that are looking to take over and in the process, Home Depot is always kept on its toes.

About The Home Depot Survey

The survey is just a way for them to check if they are functioning alright. Through this survey, they can analyze their shortcomings and try to fix them as soon as possible. Since customer satisfaction features high on their agenda the survey is an absolute necessity. Since you would take out your time in order to help them, they too would reciprocate with a few rewards for you. Besides, the entire survey is so very simple that there is really no such reason to not go ahead with this.

StoreHome Depot
Validity30 Days
Reward$5000 Gift Card
RequirementsUser ID & Password
LanguageEnglish, French and Spanish
Customer Care No.1-800-466-3337
Age18 Years & Above

Things and Details Required

Not anybody can participate in this survey. For instance, a citizen of an alien nation cannot participate in the survey. One would have to be a legal citizen of the US and also a resident of the District of Columbia. Apart from this, it is also essential for one to be over 18 years of age while playing a role in the survey.

How to Participate in the Survey

The following steps will make it simple enough for you to participate in the survey.

1: Make sure that the personal details to them are through a secure internet connection. They will need some of the private information because in case you are the winner they would have to keep the personal details and let you know.

2: Then follow some simple steps and complete the easy interaction which is actually going to be a replica of the old school performances.

3: Hereby being anonymous you can ensure a serious and honest review based on your experience at this store. Keep doing this after this and you have a chance to be a brand owner in the near future.

How to Receive Rewards

The rewards are mostly in the coupons and the lucky draw that takes a random pick and the winner gets $5000 as a Home Depot card. If you win it they will notify you in due time and you can then go and collect your rewards. For all this money the trouble worth only a few minutes is surely worth the effort.

About the Company

The company of Home Depot has steadily developed over the years. They started off way back in the year 1978 and right now they have over 2200 locations in some of the very important states and cities. As the largest home developing company in the USA, it can also be accessed with the system of iOS and Android and can thus play on your phones as well. They specialize in building products and tools and even provide services. So with all these years of experience, they are a truly amazing company when it comes to these things.

Contact Details

While there are multiple ways to contact them some of the easier ones are way too simple. You simply need to go on their official website fill up some details and then you can hit the rewards if you want. For troubles or problems that may crop up, you can call on their complain number of even mail them your problem. In a short span of time, they will get back to you with your problem and a solution to it.


This is an attempt by Home Depot to better its services and products. If you have used their products and loved them and their services then the survey is a little something that you can do for them. Besides considering the little time that it would take and the rewards you would get for this, it is only natural and smart of you to go ahead and finish the entire process.


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