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There are many companies who care about the customers that they are having and work hard to getting these customer’s feedback towards how they are being treated by the company. KFC is one of them. The company has launched this survey to know how the customers feel and what is their level of satisfaction after visiting a KFC outlet. KFC finds customer feedback extremely valuable and goes out to make sure that their customers are honestly telling them about how they felt with the company during their visit. This helps the company to improve on many areas that can help it grow and serve the customers in a better way.

About MyKFCexperience

The survey has been designed in a way to capture the maximum amount of useful information from the customer in the most precise manner. These kind of surveys are very useful for multinational companies with unlimited branches all over the world, each branch having unique ways to function and catering to a completely different crowd. From country to country, there are many items that change as well due to the tastes and preferences of the residents of that area. This means that there will be different food items on which the company will need feedback.

This is where the surveys play a big role. When companies have so many branches, it is impossible to monitor each and every branch to see what is happening and whether the customers are being served properly. Surveys help the customers themselves give honest feedback to the company directly.

The survey has many attractions such as the free goodies a customer gets when they take a survey, attracting them and giving them even more reason to take one.

Validity30 Days
Survey NameMy KFC Experience
RequirementsSurvey Code
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
Customer Care No.1-800-225-5532
Age18 Years & Above

Things and details required

Just like any other survey, this survey also has some terms and conditions that should be followed.

  • For being a part of the survey, you will most definitely have to make a purchase. Unfortunately, you cannot take a survey without buying anything from KFC. The only way you will receive a code for entering it is when you make a purchase. Although, the flexibility is that the purchase can be on any branch anywhere in the world which means you just have to buy an item and take the survey.
  • For the survey to take place, as soon as you put your order, make sure you save the purchase receipt. Without that, you will lose the code. The purchase receipt should be kept safely and soundly.

How to Participate in the Survey

There is a procedure to follow when taking the survey. It has been described below:

  • Visit any KFC outlet.
  • Make a purchase. Keep the purchase receipt safely.
  • This purchase receipt has the code that you need to enter while giving the survey.
  • Go to
  • Enter this purchase code for beginning your survey
  • The receipt will contain a specific set of rules as well.
  • Once the survey is over, you will get a code that will eligible you to get a free chicken prize. However, make sure that the code is used before it gets expired.

The receipts and the coupons, all of them have a maximum validity of seven days from the day that they have been issued. They should be used within the given time frame to avoid any lost opportunity.

This is the basic procedure to be followed for giving the survey. Yes, as mentioned above the survey gives the participants a chance to win a free chicken prize which can be redeemed by providing the code that comes prewritten on the receipt.

MyKFCexperience Rewards

As mentioned above, the survey has an added benefit of earning some free goodies as well while doing the labor of filling out an entire survey. After the completion of the survey, an individual will get a code of his own. By using this code, they can redeem a free chicken prize for themselves for filling in this survey. This is how the company likes to repay the customers back for spending some time of theirs to give their precious feedback to the company. This also motivates the customers to give honest opinions to the company and at the same time also shows them how much the company values their opinion.

About the Company

KFC has been a leader in giving out one of the most sought after chicken across the entire globe. The company has won many hearts of all the chicken lovers across the world by giving high-quality chicken items. There are many varieties such as burgers and meals, etc. KFC also has many side drinks that accompany such meals. There are many money-saving meals that are introduced for regular customers who might be on a budget. Those meals contain everything to make one feel satisfied and full by spending less and eating more. The company has been a leader across the world when it comes to chicken.

Contact details

There are many ways in which a person can contact the company.

One of them is the survey itself. The company actually values the feedback it receives and works on it religiously.

However, if it isn’t about that there are a few more ways as mentioned below:

Phone: 1 (800) 225-5532 – this number can be called up and a customer executive will be assigned to help you out with whatever you have.

Online contact form: – this is another way to reach the company. The form can be filled online itself, this is easier for the consumer and also time-saving.  


These kind of surveys are now getting even more popular as companies realize the importance of customer feedback. In the age of today where the customer is the king, it is highly important that such surveys give the company exactly the unfiltered opinion that can help them work towards becoming better in their own market.

These surveys help to be better as compared to their competitors as well. This is the only way a business can survive and keep their own customers happy at the same time. The surveys are taking over in major companies and have become a useful tool in knowing how they are performing.

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